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Make-up Lessons

Do you struggle to do your own make-up? Would you like to learn more about make-up application? Are you interested in learning the tips and tricks of the trade?


If so, book a professional make-up artist for a one-to-one make-up lesson to learn make-up application step by step! 

One-to-one Make-up Lesson - £68

120 Minutes

Book in for a one-to-one make-up lesson on how to apply your own make-up and create a totally bespoke look for yourself.

I will inform and advise how to choose the correct make-up colours, tones and products for you personally. Part of the demonstration will include how to apply products including blending eyeshadow, eyeliner application, highlighting, contouring and much more. I will observe your techniques when applying your own make-up, take a look at your personal make-up collection and offer helpful alternative techniques, products and improvements. Working together I will apply and demonstrate my techniques on one side of your face so that you can recreate on the other with my supervision. 


*£10 Deposit Required

Travelling Expenses - £1 per mile

I travel up to 15 miles from my location Leigh, Greater Manchester without adding any extra charges. If your address is any further than the 15 miles I will add a charge of £1 per mile after I exceed the 15 miles (there and back) For example if the address is 20 miles from my location I will charge a £10 travel fee. If you are unsure on the cost send me the location and I will happily work out the extra mileage cost. 

Please note if the location is a city centre, parking expenses will also be applied.

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Contact  Me 

If you are interested in booking an appointment or have an enquiry then click the below link 'send message' or contact me via my email or telephone number.


Text: 07401 929 909 

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