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Bridal Make-up

Bridal Make-up Trial - £40

Including Strip False Lashes - £45

90 Minutes 

I always recommend a pre-wedding bridal make-up trial before the big day. On your bridal make-up trial we will discuss different looks and styles so we can come to an understanding of exactly what you desire. I have many years experience working with photographers and applying photographic make-up.

I will make you look your most beautiful self both in person and in your treasured wedding images. On the day of the bridal make-up trial we will discuss the location and venue of your wedding, the month of the year and time of day as these all have relevance and impact on the make-up result. Every technique and product I use will be documented so it can be repeated in exactly the same way for the day of your wedding. Having a trial means you have one less stress to worry about and can feel as calm and relaxed as possible before you get married.


*£10 Deposit Required

Bridal Make-up on the day - £80 

Including Strip False Lashes - £85

90 Minutes

The majority of brides-to-be prefer to have a bridal make-up trial so all the details, products and preferences will have been documented by myself so it's just a matter of pampering you on the day. I will keep you calm and create a bespoke bridal make-up that will look beautiful in person and on camera. I also offer airbrush make-up that creates a flawless lightweight finish that will last all day, please scroll for more information and prices.


*£10 Deposit Required

Bridal Make-up Lesson - £68

120 Minutes

Would you like to do your own make-up for that special day? Is it not possible to have a Make-up Artist present on your wedding day? 


Well I can offer a bridal make-up lesson for you in the comfort of your own home. We will discuss your wedding location, the time of year, colour scheme, make-up styles and more to create a look perfect for your big day. I will recommend products that are easy to use and will give you maximum longevity and impact.


*£10 Deposit Required

Extra Services

Airbrush Make-up - £10

Airbrush Make-up is a fine mist of foundation sprayed with a small air compressor that gently covers the skin. It is extremely popular for brides and is also used in television. Airbrush make-up creates a smooth, flawless finish, has a lightweight feel and is suitable for all skin types. 

Bridal Make-up Touch Ups - £20 per hour

I offer a service in which I can stay after your initial full bridal make-over has been completed. I am therefore available for any bridal make-up touch ups that may be required after the ceremony. Whether its one touch up after the vows or you would like me to stay until the evening to restyle your make-up look, I can retouch your make-up as many times as you desire. 

Lipstick Touch Up Pot - £5

Would you like a pot of the exact lipstick shade I applied for your bridal make-up? Rather than you purchasing the full lipstick I can decanter enough product into a pot for you including a small brush to touch up throughout your wedding day. This will ensure continuity throughout all the wedding images.


Tattoo Camouflage - £20 per hour

If yourself or the groom has a tattoo you would prefer to be covered for the day, I can camouflage your tattoo to be completely unseen with make-up. Prices start at £20 dependent on tattoo size.


Travelling Expenses - £1 per mile

I travel up to 15 miles from my location Leigh, Greater Manchester without adding any extra charges. If your wedding venue is any further than the 15 miles I will add a charge of £1 per mile after I exceed the 15 miles (there and back) For example if the venue is 20 miles from my location I will charge a £10 travel fee. If you are unsure on the cost send me the location and I will happily work out the extra mileage cost. 

Please note if the location is a city centre, parking expenses will also be applied.

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Why Choose Me?

  • My phone is always by my side and any last minute queries will be answered. 

  • I am never late to any appointments especially for a wedding day. I make sure I leave extra early to cover any unpredicted traffic. 

  • I understand the importance of minimising stress on an important day and will arrive early to set up my kit and be able to start the makeover at the booked time slot. I also block out extra time before and after the booking so your experience never feels rushed. 

  • I allow myself 1 hour 30 minutes for bridal make-up to make sure the make-up is perfect and my client is happy with the overall look.

  • My kit is full of different products and colours so any last minute changes can be fulfilled.

  • If I happen to be in any of your getting ready pictures I will be wearing smart clothing and a full face of make-up. 

  • I genuinely love my job so I will arrive with a smile on my face and I’ll be just as excited as you are! 


Contact  Me 

If you are interested in booking an appointment or have an enquiry then click the below link 'send message' or contact me via my email or telephone number.


Text: 07401 929 909 

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